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Seasons Greetings,

It's that time of year again to start throwing some events to show our appreciation for our everyone here!

This year we will be having some special events for you guys.

x2 Vote Event:
December 19th - 25th

Lowered PvP/Alz for Resets
December 19th - 24th

No PvP/Alz Cost to Resets
December 25th

x2 P.Donate
December 19th - 24th

December 25th

Some may not know who i am, doesn't really matter. I was brought on by Jared to help fix the web based issues around here.

There are several issues that have to be fixed, however i am fixing them as we go along lol.

Please be patient, you may notice downtime's here and there. It will happen as things are starting to be fixed now across all the sites.

You may notice even more features now with the forum then ever before, you may also notice things like the rage website is also faster and things are also being tweaked.

Again, i'm sorry this has to happen and i'm sure the rest of the staff feels the same way.

So just hang in there, things are almost done i promise :)

- Velocity
MMOPaRaDoX Needs your help,

We're changing the defense of all the armor sets again, They will be drastically scaled down in order to make it fair for all players, We are considering making the god set around 100k def in all for the complete set and scaling down from there, this will mean that donators are not so overpowered but this will mean the pve is still not going to challenge you, we could also scale gods down to about 35k def and this will mean the pve will still be a challenge.. We need to hear what you guys think about that. Also what else would you like to see changed

Much Love,

MMOPaRaDoX Staff

We appreciate every ones patience lately while we optimized our website with a complete overhaul. We have made some huge upgrades to our security and overall performance. Everyone should soon notice faster speeds with our website and experience less latency issues within game.

Thank you once more for all of your support.

Much Love,

MMOPaRaDoX Staff

We would like to thank everyone for being a part of our community, without you guys we are nothing. We have noticed a huge decline in votes and this bothers us. It lets us know we're not doing some things right, and with that being said changes are coming to help bring life back to our once thriving community.

In-Game Changes:

Regarding Gods and Demi-Gods armor, we have decided to take a step back to figure out its best course of action. We are aware that the high amounts of Defense seems to make it unbalanced for the lower RR players. Please sit tight while we address these issues to figure out whats best for the community.

Website Changes:

I would like to thank Hostile for helping us getting our website fully working again. Chrome, Firefox, and other web browsers are now fully functional with our website.

We took a big look at the PvP cost to RR and decided to lower the cost of PvP per RR from 10 to 5.
Also, we are increasing the amount of PvP per vote from 15 to 20

We had a positive feed back from hosting our RR event where the cost was free. We will be hosting similar events in the next couple of weeks to celebrate the Holidays.

On our webshop you will find reduced prices on:
- BB+(7Day)
- BB+(3Day)
*will soon be adding Demi-Gods armor to our webshop

We hope to bring new updates to you guys as we get things in order. We thank everyone so much for being a part of our community and promise to bring you guys the best experience possible.

Much Love,
MMOPaRaDoX Staff

After the patch we have noticed an outcry from our community about Gods and DemiGods armor sets. These armors were designed to help balance the game for High RR players, but giving Donators an Advantage for help supporting our community.

However we will still like to give our dedicated players that enjoy our free game a chance. So we would like to hear from you guys to help figure this out. Here are some of the ideas we've come up with to help keep things balanced.

Please vote for the option that you would like to see. Only one will be choosen.

Option 1:
After reaching 4,500RR you will receive DemiGods Frame Armor+15(2slot)
After reaching 6,500RR you will receive Gods Frame Armor+15(3 Slot)

Option 2:
DemiGods Frame Armor+15(2slot) will be available for PVP on webshop for 10,000 PVP per piece
Gods Frame Armor+15(3 Slot) will be available for PVP on webshop 15,000 PVP per piece

Option 3:
DemiGods Frame Armor+15(2slot) will be available for 10Bill ALZ piece and will have a 7Day Duration
Gods Frame Armor+15(3 Slot) will be available for 15Bill ALZ a piece and will have a 7Day Duration..

MMOPaRaDoX Staff
This is a mini patch which fixes the following..

+15 Set effects and bow and shield for halloween items.
Rage Coins are now red.

Download HERE

We are currently working on fixing our issue with our SES Provider to resolve the email verification. We are in the process of getting things back in working conditions. We appreciate your patience and thank you for all your support

For now you can post your account name here and it will be activated manually ASAP

MMOPaRaDoX Staff
Patch 2.0 is finally here after a long wait, sadly we were not able to get everything done that we would have liked but below is a list of all the changes that came with this patch.

Download Patch Here
Full Client Download Here


*Halloween World Event Added (See Yul In GD For Details)
*New Halloween Weapon Set Added With Same Stats As Thor's
*New Halloween Board Added
*Set Effects For Rage - Gods Tier has been revamped
*Epaulet Set Effects for Rage - Gods Tier has been revamped
*New Set Effect Changes should impact the balancing issues but are not perfected, please post all issues and concerns you have about the new set effects.
*Rage Coins Added to 3 Kings And Rage Chan.
*New Pet Added (My Little Pony)
*New Rage And Vulcan Chakrams Added
*New 1H Scythe Added
*Level requirement for Kings - Gods Tier is now level 1
*The EXP in Rage Chan has been increased
*Added Alz and Honor Potions to Yul for Rage Coins

*Known BUGS*
*The client may not load the first time you try to open it, it might take you 2-3 trys to get it to open, this issue will be resolved asap.
*The Vouchers still do not work and will be fixed ASAP but for now you may collect and save Rage Coins.
Soon More Items will be available to buy for Rage Coins At Yul.
*The Visuals for Bow and Shield on the new Halloween Items are currently not working as well as the +15 effects for all the Trick-Or-Treat Weapons! Will be fixed ASAP!

Please Leave All feedback for Patch 2.0...

We would like to thank everyone that participated in our Video Event! It was tough trying to pick a winner but in the end there could only be one!

Winner! Imogen!

Thanks again for everyones support so far, we would love to host more event for you guys, so please feel free to post some ideas down below for future events

Much Love,

MMOPaRaDoX Staff